Welfare policy.

For people with incomes below average, means-testing may leave little incentive for work or saving. Instead, there could be a Universal Basic Income, with a choice whether to receive it as a reliable unconditional benefit, a personal tax allowance, or a mixture of means-tested benefit and tax credit, like the current system. https://ammpol.wordpress.com/carbontax , July 2019.

The Universal Credit, which is paid to one account per household per month, is out of step with modern life, turns back the clock on decades of hard-won equality for women, and allows abusers to seize control of the family finances. Welfare reform for the 21st century, August 2018.

By replacing graduated income tax with a flat tax, the affordable citizens income (Unconditional Basic Income) is almost doubled. Is a Basic or Citizens Income affordable?  November 2017.

High priority was given to the need for tax and income support for women working in the home, and for more childcare facilities. The most logical way of doing this, with the least fuss, is by the basic income method. History of Basic Income politics in New Zealand, 1996.


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