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Climates are influenced by changes in the earth’s orbit and axis. There is a 100,000 year cycle in the shape of the elliptical orbit around the sun, a 41,000 year cycle in the tilt of the axis away from the vertical to the plane of the orbit, and a 20,000 year cycle in the shift of the equinox and solstice around the orbit. , May 2022.

Incomes may be affected more by whether a carbon dividend or Basic Income is means-tested, than by whether it is carbon or income that is taxed, and whether the income tax is flat or progressive. , October 2021.

As a result of Covid-19, government debt is rising rapidly. The probable cost will be higher taxes, higher inflation, more austerity or eventual default. If interest rates are lower than inflation rates, wealth is redistributed from private creditors to public debtors. A wealth tax would have a similar effect. Modern Monetary Theory, , October 2020.

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