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They don’t all have the same national background. In the 20th century I lived in New Zealand, now I live in Britain.


Welfare reform for the 21st century.
Suggestions for welfare reform, 2010 and 2013.

Is a Citizens Basic Income affordable?
Examples of revenue-neutral Citizens Incomes, using UK data from 2004 and 2015.

A History of Basic Income Politics in New Zealand.
A story of slow progress towards a capitalist sort of communism.
This paper was written as background for UBINZ activists in 1996. It has been displayed on internet sites since 1997.

A three-stage transition to Basic Incomes.
This paper was published in the UBINZ newsletter, May 1996.

Citizens Incomes and progressive tax.
Edited extracts from e-mail discussions and elsewhere, 1991-2013.
Progressive average taxes are more important than progressive marginal taxes.

Some welfare history.
Guaranteed minimum income, the English Poor Law, the Speenhamland system, and the Kondratiev long wave.


Climate change.
Histories of climate change and climate change predictions.

Genetic modification.
Genetically modified crops are neither safe or necessary. There are also ethical issues for human embryos.

Green taxing and spending, 2006-2012 and 2013-2015.
Edited email extracts and other clippings.
Environmental costs and risks should be included in prices and accounts.

Was Marx right?
A poster about income distribution.
Green taxes on resources and pollution could be more progressive than income tax.

Boom and bust: history.

The crash of 2008: causes, recovery, and re-regulation.
Clippings from the internet and print media, 1999 to 2017.
Cheap money, bubbles, deregulation, more cheap money, re-regulation.

Back in the downwave.
January 2012.
A k-wave downturn may be a factor in the global financial crisis. Other factors are Chinese exports, American mortgage law, and financial deregulation.

The crash of 1987.
Clippings from the 1980s.

Boom and bust: theory.

The search for a stable economy.
Land tax, better management of protectionism, and better understanding of demography are my suggestions. (2011). Also, Green taxes with citizens incomes. (2014-2015).

Land Tax.
Edited extracts from email discussions and elsewhere, 1997-2017.
Stop the high house prices, inefficient taxes, and speculative fevers which have destabilised the entire global economy.

Couples and the K-wave.
March 2008.
Long wave economic depressions may be caused by birth-rate cycles nearly two generations long.

Monetary policy.

Inflation, interest, and the supply of money: history, currencies, and targets.
Inflation, interest, the multiplier, broad money, quantitative easing.
Money-printing, currencies and trade, sectoral balances, Brexit.
Inflation targeting, deflation, alternative targets.

Monetary sects.
Modern Monetary Theory, Positive Money, other monetary sects.

Positive Money.
Objections to a monetary reform campaign, 2014.

The euro and the pound.
Clippings about the European currency project.


Front page blog.
A list of recent posts on this site, and some earlier ones.

Alison’s manifesto, edition 66.
My recipe for a Green social democracy.
I wrote the first edition of this manifesto in 1988, as a draft for a party manifesto. I decided to keep it as a summary of my own opinions.

Alison’s manifesto, edition 50.
This was the last New Zealand edition of the manifesto.