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March 19, 2017

Federal Reserve officials are thinking about reducing the central bank’s holdings of mortgage-backed securities. The Fed began purchasing them soon after the crisis in November 2008 and they now account for almost a fifth of the market. “Housing market, USA”, in The 2008 crash: Recovery, March 2017.

Iceland will lift its capital controls on businesses, pension funds and households this month. The controls were put in place after the collapse of the country’s largest banks in 2008, to prevent a widespread economic crash. “Unilateral action”, in The 2008 crash: Recovery, March 2017.

President Trump has ordered a rollback of the Dodd-Frank legislation governing financial services and Wall Street. The Dodd-Frank Act was a bipartisan plan to ensure there will never be another 2008-style financial meltdown. “Regulation” and “Restructuring”, in The 2008 crash: Re-regulation, February 2017.

Is Germany a currency manipulator? Germany insisted on fiscal austerity during the eurozone crisis, and recorded the world’s biggest trade surplus last year. Criticism of Germany by the US will get louder, and unlike the European Commission, the US has leverage. The euro and the pound, February 2017.